NEW!!! NEXT Hollywood Showcase Denver

                   SUNDAY November 10, 2019

NEW ! Hollywood Showcase Denver is a 8 week course for ages 8 to 18 in scene study, improvisation, impulse being and cold read.  The HSD goal is to gain representation in Denver and in Los Angeles as an on camera talent.  The HSD program has proven to build long term skill sets used when auditioning for 5 separate divisions: Film, television, voice over, commercials, host.

Since 1999 Su Coffey has produced 42 successful showcases. Sunday November 10, 2019, will be the next Hollywood Showcase Denver.  Her connections with LA and Denver agents have led students from every showcase to sign with talent agency representation.

 Class Schedule, 8 Session

Saturday’s 1:00p - 4:00p OR Wednesday’s 4:00p - 7:00p

        Classes start September 07 Saturday

and Wednesday September 11.

Saturday’s 1:00p - 4:00p

  • Session #1 Sept. 07 & 11, Film Study of Anger, Fear

  • Session #2 Sept. 14 & 18 Film Study of Sadness, Love

  • Session #3 Sept. 21 & 25 Film Study of Disgust,Shame

  • Session #4 September 28 & Oct.4, Film Study of Jealousy

  • Session #5 Oct. 05 & 09 Enjoyment, 4 Comedic Values

  • Session #6 Oct. 12 &16 Surprise, Opposition, Mirroring Commercial, Hosting

  • Session #7 Oct. 19 & 23 Commercial Choices in Delivery Hosting,Voice Over, Character

  • Session #8 October 26 & Oct 30,Voice Over and Character Development

  • Make Up session November 02, 9:30a - 12:30p

  • Mock Showcase Rehearsal, November 09, 9:30-12:30p

  • A Talent may schedule a Private session to make up for a class when unable to attend by contacting Su Coffey

    Fees:  Single 3 hour HSD session, $90

    8 HSD sessions Paid in Full, 15% discount

    Total PIF $625.00

Sunday May 19, 2019 Hollywood Showcase Denver Fee: $450 payable on the day or Showcase to Su Coffey

To Register or schedule an interview contact Su Coffey, 720.299.4721,

 Classes begin


September 07 1:00P - 4:00P


September 11

4:00p - 7:00p


It goes without saying we owe Su Coffey a sizable share of credit for your important influence on Emma. This is a long-term undertaking. But joining a strong, energetic agency like APA sure looks like a major milestone. She’s getting numerous great audition opportunities while preparing to play Cosette on stage in a couple weeks!
Thanks, as always, Su. Best - Nick Norton

Thea Saccoliti 13 "Dear Su, thank you sooo much for helping me grow as an actress.  Without you I would most likely be a clueless stage actress. Thank you times a billion for all that you do!  I know that all of your students are immensely grateful for you taking your times to teach us. Thank you!

AnnaSophia Robb 12. Ever since I can remember, I wanted to act. When I was about eight, I asked my parents to help me find an agent to find work.  We found a local talent agency in Denver called the Big Fish Talent Agency and I started to book work doing some newspaper press and small commecials. I also joined an acting class called Hollywood Showcase Denver. This was an intensive 10 week acting course which invites agents and managers from Los Angeles to the final workshop to scout potential clients. That's where my first agent and manager found me and then it all took off from there!

Harrison Cone 14

Su, Thank you so much for teaching me.  You are so fun and so helpful.  Thanks for preparing me so well!

Monique Wilson (Mom) We really appreciate the time you took to put in a recommendation for Liyah and how much you have helped her over these years.  Small gift for BIG gratitude!