“Being On Camera”  Su Coffey Denver Actors Coach 

The foundation of “Being On Camera: is instructing talent in ImPulse Reactions.  Individuals develop a sense of being using emotional recall and ImPulse Reactions in a scene. The delivery is unique and passionate.  Su Coffey has proven to build long term skill sets used in a variety of performances.

Su Coffey has been successfully training people of all ages for presentations and auditions in the industry of film television, voice over, commercials, hosting and stage  since 1980.  Su is the owner of The Hollywood Showcase Denver, 1999 to present.


ADULT ON CAMERA COACH    Prepare for the audition.

* Prepare for local and national auditions. The opportunity to promote your professional acting business through auditions live or taped, is always the goal.  Private coaching will help define your skills for comedic and dramatic roles.  Bring urgency to your audition and bring yourself to the role.  

  • Knowledge of the emotional climate, scene study , character voices and personalities will add clarity to taped and live auditions.

Voice Over Talent:  Demo Reel tape of performances, host to character.  Establish the scene, attach yourself and respond.

Television Auditions:  Comedic Values used as tools to enhance the television view ability.

Film Roles:  Create a believable scene with dramatic emotional recall to develop beats and levels.

                 Fees:  $100 1.5 hour sessions, taped       *$75 Self Tape audition submissions.       

Keynote Speakers:  Develop content, use of stage, engage the audience with story telling.  Bring your message to the heart of the listener.  Improve your marketing and booking potential. Contact Su Coffey for questions and appointments. 720.299.4721 hsd.sucoffey@comcast.net