The Next Hollywood Showcase Denver

                              January 20, Sunday 2019 9:00a - 5:00p

  • Class sessions Begin October 10, Saturday, 1:00p-4:00p OR

  • Wednesday October 13, 4:30p - 7:30p

Talent ages 7 - 21 are welcome to audition for the next Hollywood Showcase Denver.  The initial Meet and Greet is an opportunity for talent to discuss their history and goals with Su Coffey, performance coach forHollywood Showcase Denver.  A monologue is welcome.  Vocals, dance, martial arts and special skills and story telling are encouraged.  Su will answer questions about the industry of film and television. No Fee

Being OnCamera 101 is the first step for every talent working with Su Coffey.  A single private session will instruct Impulse Reactions in a scene, Formula for Cold Read and Interview/Producers session.  All exercises are taped.  Playback will include parents and guardians as we watch for skills and qualities the talent has naturally.                                                        Fee $90, 1.5 hour private

Hollywood Showcase Denver is a 10 week course for ages 7 to 20, in scene study, improvisation, impulse being and cold read.  It will be offered twice in 2018.  The HSD goal is to gain representation in Denver and in Los Angeles as an on camera talent.  The HSD program has proven to build long term skill sets used when auditioning for 5 separate divisions: Film, television, voice over, commercials, host.

Each Hollywood Showcase Denver class session is 3 hours.  The subject of each class is specific beginning with 5 weeks of emotional recall in film study.  The next 5 weeks is devoted to comedy in television, commercials, voice overs and hosting.  Fee is $90/session

A 15% discount is offered for talent paying in full for 10 sessions.  Total PIF: $765.00/10 sessions

See "Class Schedule" for weekly class subject in film study or comedy.


The Next Hollywood Showcase is Sunday January 20, 2019 - classes start on October 10 2018


Audition now to be a part of    Su Coffey's 41st Showcase