June 2019

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Colorado Youth Network “BeMoreGreen! Refuse, Reuse, Recycle”

*Lauren Bowe, Gwendolyn Osborn, Preston Beyer, Ana Langas and Crystal Lee

host the Conversation panel discussion of the state of Climate Change in America.*

“In My Opinion” segment. CYN cast members voice their personal reactions to Suicide Prevention, Self-Defense Re: School Shooting, Women/Girl Empowerment, The Bottom Line in USA recycling, and Colorado Volunteer Opportunities.

Colorado Youth Network  "Be Green!"             Earth Day April 22, 2018

                          Watch it Now! 

 Here is the link to CYN YouTube "Be Green"  



 Colorado Youth Network is excited to participate in this years Earth Day Celebrations! We are creating our second episode for YouTube "Be Green!"  Our goal is to start a conversation concerned with the Plastic Pollution in our state and around the globe. Our Hosts, Jami Hunt and Charlie Cohen will be live on KGNU 88FM and 1360 AM with Dave Ashton, Tuesday April 17 at 3:00p.  Tune in!!

On Earth Day we will be in Studio B taping the Episode "Be Green!" Watch for our program. Lots of entertaining interviews and performances.  "Be Green!"  


We want all people to participate now in a movement to Be Green.  We ask that you go through your house and organize containers to be sure what you use will be recycled, or reused. Our goal is to encourage all to refuse plastic products and reduce your use of plastic, specifically straws, bottles and food containers. Where ever you find a piece of plastic, pic it up and recycle it.  Save our water , save our fish, save our forests.  We ask all people to pay attention to their habits and take action to Be Green.


Our planet in 2030 needs to be cleaned up and full of beauty, like our grandparents new it to be.  We deserve a healthy safe environment that’s beautiful.  We are taking action now. 

Save our planet from anymore man made destruction .  We are conservationists, environmentalist and activists.


Answer these questions.     What is Green House Gas (GHG)?

                                             What is the Paris Agreement?

                                              What is deforestation ?

                                               What plastic is in the ocean?

                                                What about our water?

                                                 Why would we want to spend money on climate change?


Get started! 8 ways to reduce Green House Gas (GHG)


  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • *Use less heat and air conditioning

  • *Replace light bulbs

  • Drive less, drive smart

  • Buy energy efficient products

  • Use less hot water

  • Plant a Tree


What to do.

1.Make a promise

2. Pick up Earth Day material

3. Organize recycle containers

4.Plant a Tree

5. Create a Be Green Club

6. Report your progress to CYN



Answers to Questions

Green House Gas is a gas heat which absorbs and sits radiant energy within Thermal Infrared Range.  It is made of Co2, Co2 Fossil fuels, Methane, Nitrous Oxide.  It changes our land use.


The Paris Agreement is an agreement through the United Nations framework Convention on Climate Change dealing with greenhouse gas emissions mitigation, adaption, and finance parties adopted December 12, 2015.  As of February 2018, 195 UNFCCC members have signed the agreement.  Goal is too limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

In the Paris Agreement, each country determines, plans and regularly reports its own contribution it should make in order to mitigate global warming.

Plastic Pollution facts: www.earthday.org/earthday/toolkits

This 26-minute program produced by the Open Media Foundation and will be shown on Colorado channels 56 and 57 SD, and HD channel 881.