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Su Coffey is a unique professional production artist with over 30 years of history in the television and theatre business.

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 Class Sessions
Class Sessions are
Saturdays 9:00a – noon
Wednesdays 4:30p – 7:30p. 

Each 3 hour session is $85.00. 

A 15% discount is offered to students who pay for 10 sessions in full.
For Appointments:
All auditions and HSD sessions will be held at Open Media Foundation, 700 Kalamath St. Second Floor, Denver 80204.

"Su's amazing program
provides intensive training
in a camera-ready environment."

The following are talent agencies that have scouted the Hollywood Showcase, Denver:

CESD Talent Agency
Bobby Ball Agency, L.A.
Nickelodeon Casting
ESI Talent Network
Abrams Artists Agency
Savage Agency of L.A.

Famous Alumni
Ross Lynch
Christine Mascolo
Gus Kamp
Cam Caddell
Riker Lynch

January 29, 2017

Audition Notice:  Film and television talent ages 7 to 20 seeking representation in Los Angeles.  Prepare to read  a cold commercial and perform a monologue.   Auditions are held by appointment at Open Media Foundation, 700 Kalamath St. Second Floor, Denver 80204.  Contact Su Coffey to schedule an appointment:  720.299.4721

Hollywood Showcase, Denver provides an opportunity for “camera-ready” talent to audition for Los Angeles Talent Agents and Mangers.  This is the 16th year for Su Coffey, Director, to hold this bi-annual event.

HSD will prepare for Pilot Season 2017.  Sunday, January 29, 2017 talent who have completed the 10 week HSD auditioning course will meet Los Angeles talent agents and managers.  Talent agents from Bobby Ball Agency, CESD Talent, Abrams Artist, Savage Talent, Maverick Artists, Clear Talent Group and Buckwald Talent have been some of the past guest agents.  Talent Managers, Nelson Parks, the ESI Network, Harriett Greenspan, Steven Simon and Rob D’Avola are some of the past guest for HSD.

The Showcase is a full day of auditions for LA  Talent Managers and Agents.  There will be one agent for every 6-8 talent in the Showcase.  Talent will audition for the following divisions: film television, commercials, voice over and host, beginning at 9:00am – 5:00pm. on January 29.  The talent will audition first in interview and life experience monologue.  This is followed by individual meetings with the agents in commercials, monologues and improvisation.  Following lunch, sides and scripts will be directed in scene study.  The parents and guardians are invited for a Q&A at the end of the day.  The day long fee is $450.00.

Su Coffey, director and producer of The Hollywood Showcase
, Denver since 1998, is an accomplished actress for theatre and screen, as well as producer and director.  See “About Suwww.hollywoodshowcasedenver.com.

AnnaSophia Robb star of “Carrie diaries”, “Soul Surfer” “Race to Wit Mountain: “Bridge to Terabithia, and other films started her career with HSD.  Ross Lynch is Austin in the Ncikelodeon series “Austin and Allie.”  Christine Mascolo is in “Pride and Prejudice”  and the lead in“Bully Girls”.  Dylan Matzke starred in “Little Red Wagon” and “Snowmagedeon” on the SciFi channel in 2011.  Steven Christopher Parker has made many films including “Rebound,” Juno,” the new young doctor, 9 episodes on ER.,  Madison Beaty, starred in Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Shelby Malone, star of “Ink” and Ryker Lynch as “Jeff” on “Glee, “all started with HSD.”  Gus Kamp, Megan Brice, Garrett Backstrom and all 3 of the Caddells have trained with Su Coffey, HSD.

There are 10 weekly sessions beginning Saturday October 26, OR Wednesday October 29. The talent attend one class a week.  E
motional recall begins the series of on-camera study and continues in comedy for television, commercials, voice-over, hosting and improvisation.  A clear understanding of impulse acting or Being on Camera involves improvisation in each session.  All exercises are taped and played back at the end of each session. Private sessions are 1.5 hrs, Fee: $85.00.

All 3 hour HSD sessions are $85.00.  A 15% discount is offered for 10 sessions paid in full.


Famous Alumni
Anna Sphia Robb, Str od stage and screen, a legend
AnnaSophia Robb
Steven Parker
Shane Lyons
Madisen Beatty
Caitlin McCarthy
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