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Su Coffey is a unique professional production artist with over 30 years of history in the television and theatre business.

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When seeking a professional in the field of entertainment, Su Coffey is Denver's best choice for:

Acting On Camera
Developing the instinct to move and react comfortably in front of a camera.  Individuals preparing to work in the Denver Talent market, motivational speakers, politicians, trainers, and attorney’s use this time to become more effective in their delivery.

Voice Performance and Musical Theatre Dance Choreographer
Private instruction for auditions in musical theatre will create a stronger character.

Director and Producer:
Su Coffey’s organizational and people skills are of excellent value to television production teams and professional theatre venues


John Sileo, National Speaker, “Identiy Theft”. Su, what can I say other than to give you a huge THANK YOU! You were awesome to work with and you gave me as much coaching value as I’ve had from any source (more, actually). I can’t wait to work together again. Cheers, John

AnnaSophia Robb, Actress, credits include “Sleepwalking” (Charlize Theron), Bridge to Terabithia, “Willie Wonk and Chocolate Factory” (Johnny Depp), “The Reaping” (Hillary Swank.) “My experience with Su was very helpful for getting me started in my acting career. The class got me camera ready. I learned how to memorize quickly, do improve, and mentally it helped me move from one character to the next. So when I went out for real auditions, I was really comfortable and know just what to do. I met my agent and my first manager through The Hollywood Showcase Denver. I had a great time and learned loads!!!!”

Karen Pearl, Mother of actress MorganRose Pearl, “I just had to drop you a note to tell you how incredibly impressed I was with where you and MorganRose went yesterday-I was so moved by her ability to really dig deep and pull up that emotion-it was very real and actually brought me to tears. Clearly you have made a connection with her and I am really excited for the opportunity she is creating for herself with you.”

ESI Network, Inc, owner, Nelson Parks
: "Su Coffey has an amazing eye for talent.   Her actor's are always prepared,, professional, and a pleasure to work with!"

Kris Downs: Su Coffey's coaching prepared my son to successfully compete for jobs in both the Denver market and beyond.  The energy and commitment Su brings to each of her students is second to none.  Her industry expertise is invaluable for any young actor in the Rocky Mountain region, and The Hollywood Showcase is a necessity for any young talent looking to break into the television and film industry. 

Karl Mecklenburg, Denver Bronco and National Speaker,
“Su Coffey’s coaching has helped me to become a much more interactive and responsive speaker.  She has helped me with stage positioning and stage presence.”

Steven Simon
, Talent Agent, L.A.: “You can tell the training is professional and effective.  They gave me an opportunity to see a complete package.
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